Artwalk Programme

Wed 31st Jan 2024

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Mike Wood

I mostly work in oils and my subjects are varied but I have recently focused on local landscapes close to home in West Yorkshire. I also produce small oil paintings of wildlife and still life subjects. My painting style is probably best described as contemporary realism and my paintings are straightforward representations of subjects that appeal to me. I want the viewer to instantly recognise and understand the subject chosen, but without me having to include every detail which I feel can look fussy and overworked. In this way I strive to create interesting and appealing paintings that make full use of the qualities of oil paint.

Open 5pm-9pm   
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Kate Wray

Installation, paint and sculptural artist. My work ultimately derives from my past experiences of working with a vast array of people. Becoming infatuated with the human mind has made me question relationships, within my work I have explored the notion of relationships held between humans and nature, how we as a species have developed a civilization, running alongside a natural world and the constant battle between each other.

Open 5pm-8pm   

Wakefield Camera Club

We are a friendly and enthusiastic group of photographers who are more than willing to pass on our knowledge and experience to others, The group covers subjects including landscape, natural history, portrait, architecture, street and creative photography. Whether you use a mobile phone or latest digital camera if you are looking to further your knowledge in photography, please come along and talk to us.

Open 5pm-8pm   

Cale Smith

I'm currently wanting to pursue illustration as a profession. The work shown is sketched from inspiration via anime/manga and is then put through a digital software on my phone to draw over the sketches and add the glow-like effect. There's no hidden meaning behind my work. Drawing is just something i just really enjoy doing and being able to create visually captivating art is what drives my passion.

Open 5pm-8pm   

Inspire Arts

Inspire are a community arts group aimed at offering a relaxing environment to create connect and chat. Join Jo and Inspire at the Art Exchange and make your very own Art Walk badge!

Open 5pm-8pm   

Lakeside Arts Group

This group exists to promote the arts, to encourage new artists, to support more established artists and to foster wider community participation. It welcomes the development of venues in the Yorkshire area for artists to share their work. We value and celebrate the power of the arts in all areas of life, their healing capacity and the way they help us communicate. From 7pm to 7.30pm there will be a performance of poems by Susan McCartney and Michael Yates.

Open 5pm-8pm, poetry performance 7pm-7:30pm   

Marla and Lilli

We are home educated sisters who love art! We've been attending sessions at The Art Exchange for some time but also do lots of artwork at home.
Marla: "One of the pieces I created is a hand print and titled "Always and forever" I painted this with my mum in mind as she is always there for me, always holding my hand when I feel anxious."
Lilli: "I've included a picture named "Storm on the Mountain". It shows how I felt at the time it’s the bright and colourful, I often put my feelings in to my artwork."
There will be a selection of some more of our work too.

Open 5pm-8pm   

Kirstie Williams: Mills in Colour

The Art House presents Mills in Colour, a new exhibition by local textile artist and printmaker Kirstie Williams. The exhibition explores Wakefield’s rich textile history through the use of natural dyes and printing pastes.

Williams has spent the past 6 months working on a research and development project experimenting with the use of natural colour and plant-based printing inks whilst exploring imagery of Wakefield’s textile mill heritage. Williams; project explores sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to screen printing inks, whilst raising awareness of the many lost or repurposed mills across the Wakefield area.

Alongside Williams’ research and technical samples, the exhibition will feature printed textile works exploring the imagery of significant mill buildings, delving into historic dye recipes and highlighting documents related to the use and sale of the mills.

Original imagery and sources from Wakefield Libraries Photographic Collection and the West Yorkshire Archive Service collections. Mills in Colour was supported with a Culture Grant by Wakefield Council as part of Our Year – Wakefield District 2024.

Open 5pm-8pm   

Hearts Alive Tattoo Studio

The Artwalk wall will be ablaze with art works from the studios collective of unique artists. Some of the artists will be on hand to discuss the pieces, tell you about the studio and answer any questions. Come and meet this eclectic group of talented people and enjoy a drink while you're here!
The display launches 5pm Wednesday 31st and will be in situ until mid March.

Open 5pm-11pm   
More details at

Robert P Clarke

Art Photos by Robert P. Clarke showing shadow images and other recent works.

Photo Wall   

Our Voices Heard

A creative songwriting and art project led by Jenna Fan, local musician and Director of Go Pop CIC, musician Tsungai Tsikirai and artist Ruth Fones. Through a series of 12 workshops, woman originally from Syria, Sudan and Botswana, now living in the Wakefield District, turned parts of their life stories into songs and artwork. The project aimed to bring women together, inform Wakefield people about real issues affecting their neighbours and improve the wellbeing of participants through creativity. 'Our Voices Heard' was funded by a Culture Grant from Wakefield Council.

Open 6pm-9pm   

Tony Wade

Watermarks is the latest exhibition by artist Tony Wade and is a visual and geographical exploration of the Wakefield District’s waterways.

Wakefield has several waterways flowing through it and from it. The waterways, both natural and manmade, have shaped the landscape yet go by almost unnoticed. For this project Tony travelled the length of these waterways, documenting what he saw, found, and experienced. Wakefield based groups, Well Women Centre, Spectrum People and Empath Action CIC accompanied Tony on some of these journeys, co-creating artworks as they went.

The exhibition contains sculpture, sound, painting, textiles, film, and jigsaws and is also inspired by the wonderful architecture of Wakefield Cathedral.

‘This project was funded with a Culture Grant by Wakefield Council as part of Our Year – Wakefield District 2024’.

Watermarks is a continuation of Tony’s artistic journey, exploring and documenting Wakefield District’s landscapes and stories.

Open 6pm-9pm, with Artist's Talk at 7pm   

Woven Worlds
Shazia Ashraf

Women from Wakefield have been learning to write, direct and perform theatre over the last few months. Led by Wakefield theatre maker Shazia Ashraf and supported by Culture Grants as part of Our Year 2024, the evening will showcase the short pieces the women have been creating, starting at 6pm. So come along to laugh, think, and be curious!

Walker Studio   
Open 5pm, performance starts at 6pm   

Town & Country
Helen Field

Helen's work is heavily influenced by her surroundings. She loves exploring the abstract forms and shapes found in both nature and urban landscapes. Her bold use of colour and texture adds an element of depth to her pieces, inviting the viewer to experience the layers of the world around us. Whether it's a sprawling cityscape or a peaceful countryside, she strives to capture the essence of these locations through her unique perspective. Through her paintings, she hope to express the beauty and complexity of our ever-changing surroundings.

Project Space   
Open 5pm-9pm   

Calligraphy Drop-In
Linda Golding

Join Linda Golding to learn about calligraphy! No knowhow, experience or equipment - no problem because Linda's got them all and you're welcome to join in Studio A1 to learn some calligraphy basics.

Studio A1   
Open 5pm-9pm   

Marie Keen

This exhibition shows Marie’s use of charcoal to create emotive, thought provoking pieces. Marie uses the natural stark and moody characteristics of charcoal to good effect whilst occasionally adding a splash of colour - drawing the viewer on a different tangent. Marie has a strong leaning towards the medium of charcoal, but also enjoys working other mediums into her art. Watercolour, coloured pencil, graphite and traditional oil painting are well within her remit.

Studio A4 (The Big Room)   
Open 5pm-9pm   

Portrayals of Extrareality

Joanna/Fizzy will be showing three canvases exploring her autism and mental health, made with support from Unlimited through their Wakefield Micro Award 2023 and created at Our House. A selection of the artist’s portrait drawings will also be displayed.

Studio A4 (The Big Room)   
Open 5pm-9pm   

Robert P Clarke

Robert P. Clarke is showing two new conceptual Short Films linked to the 60th Anniversary of British Naturism in 2024.

Studio B14   
Open 5pm-9pm   
More details at

Roger Gardner

Open Studios and work in progress.

Studio B15   

AR Dreams
Antje Rayner

Bespoke handmade jewellery workshop.

Studio B9   
Open 5pm-8pm   

Empath Action CIC

Empath Action CIC will be opening 5pm to 8pm in C4 on the top floor with guest reader Michael Yates reading a story at 6pm

Studio C4   
Open 5pm-8pm, with performance at 6pm   
More details at

Paul Stone

Exhibiting some new works for the upcoming Battersea Art Fair on display.

Studio C7   
Open 5pm-9pm   

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