Photo: Ted Kennedy
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Artwalk Wakefield returns on Wed 27th Mar 2024, 5pm-9pm.

Thank you for your support in the January 2024 Artwalk! You can see the archive programme here.

Submissions for the next Artwalk open on 1st March 2024. See you there!

Artwalk is an unfunded collaboration between local artists and venues in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, co-ordinated by a new community-led forum. It takes place every two months - find out more.

Upcoming Artwalk dates: Wed 27th Mar 2024, Wed 29th May 2024, Wed 31st Jul 2024, Wed 25th Sep 2024 and Wed 27th Nov 2024.

Want to get involved? Please come and join us on Facebook at the Artwalk Wakefield Community or follow us on Instagram. It'd be lovely to see you!